The Conservancy Concept Saving Wildlife Habitat

An interview from Gamewatchers Safaris Founder, Jake Grieves-Cook, in which he shares what the “Kenya Conservancy Experience” for safari visitors is all about, and how this sustainable low density tourism model benefits guests as well as the environment and local communities.  

It is tourism that pays for the conservancies to continue in existence so if you come out for a safari staying in our Porini Camps in the conservancies then that will definitely be a big help for conservation and for the communities who have set aside their land as a home for wildlife.

If you feel positive about what we are doing then please help us spread the word to encourage more visitors to come out on safari to Kenya to assure the future of our “conservancy concept” or better still, come out and see for yourself!

Read our open letter to anyone who is interested in coming to East Africa on a wildlife photographic safari and who wishes to know that by doing so part of the costs of their safari will go towards helping to pay for conservation 

A Letter to Potential Safari-Goers Who Wish to Ensure that
Their Visit Will Support Wildlife Conservation and Benefit Local People

Wildlife Safaris In Kenya That Support Conservation